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Winter Crisis

The winter crisis has begun

Recently released figures from NHS England reveal November 2018 as being the worst November on record for missed A&E targets.

NHS Trusts across the UK are required to treat all A&E admissions within four hours of a patient being presented to a hospital.

The statistics reveal that last November the number of patients treated within four hours stood at 87.6%. This is well below the national target and also represents a drop from 88.8% compared with November 2017.

Reacting to the news, Dr Louise Irvine, Secretary to the National Health Action Party, stated the following:

“The National Health Action Party has consistently sought to warn the public that the NHS is heading for a crisis this winter – a crisis which even the NHS predicts to be worse than that of the year before.

Last year saw the mass cancellation of operations to cope with winter pressures – this resulted in 55,000 operations being cancelled and Care Quality Commission inspections usually scheduled for January being scrapped as well.

We currently have a staff shortage of 100,000 doctors and nurses in the NHS, GPs at breaking point with a third planning to leave the profession within the next five years, worsening cancer treatment performance and the longest waiting list of surgery since records began.

This is a crisis of the government’s making. The NHS has been starved of much needed cash for far too long whilst social care has been subject to an unprecedented cut of £7bn.

The only way we will begin to revert the damage that has been caused to the NHS is by removing the Conservatives from power, funding the NHS properly and stopping the madness of Brexit which is driving hard-working EU staff from the NHS”


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