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Old Page: Useful Links

A collection of links to material we believe provides useful background information to those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the issues and threats facing the NHS.  Another great resource for more information can be found on the Keep Our NHS Public website.

Presentation - 'NHS Privatisation: Past / Present / Future (or, The NHS Sell off; a Global Business Plan)' (updated June 2015).

You can download it here in PDF format (without notes). This can be presented using a PDF viewer (such as Okular on Linux, or Adobe Acrobat on Windows) in presentation mode / full screen.

Where it started

Letter to the Independent

Democratic Deficit

We have allowed the free market to hollow out our democracy – Democratic Audit
We are increasingly being governed by people with a diminished experience of the world beyond politics – LSE blogs


Candidates and agents at local elections in England – Electoral Commission
UKPR Election Guide – UK Polling Report

European Union

Bad science, health risks, and the EU/US Trade Treaty

Health and Social Care Act 2012

Understanding the effects of the reforms – Clare Gerada
How outsourcing is eroding NHS services – New Statesman
Dismantling universalism: inequality and public health – Danny Dorling
The $2.7T Medical Bill: Why US leads world in medical expenditures – NY Times
In defence of universal healthcare – David Price & Allyson Pollock
Medicare fraud and for-profit hospitals: a story that never ends – Health Beat
Bad Science concerning NHS competition is used to support Lansley bill – Allyson Pollock & others
Autoasphyxiation: who’ll stop the market asphyxiating the NHS ? - David Zigmond
No More Pointless Reorganisations

Improving NHS Culture and Patient Safety

Don Berwick – world authority on patient safety – Jonathan Tomlinson
GPs and Commissioners lack resources to uphold Francis Recommendations – Pulse
This isn’t an abstract problem. Targets can kill – Simon Caulkin
Nurse staffing and education and hospital mortality in nine European countries - Lancet

Lies, Damned Lies


Should politicians summer reading lists include 'unthinkable' ideas for the NHS?  -John Lister https://www.opendemocracy.net/ournhs/john-lister/should-politicians-summer-reading-lists-include-unthinkable-ideas-for-nhs

Benefits tourism, health tourism: what does it mean? – University of Oxford
McKinsey has offered some of the worst advice in the annals of business – NYT
The rising costs of care for an aging population: a zombie healthcare myth – Global Action on Aging
Making patients pay won’t make our healthcare system more affordable – Evidence Network
How the Language of welfare poisoned our social security – Ruth Lister
How the BBC betrayed the NHS – Oliver Huitson
Thatcher’s Legacy of Failed Privatisations – Michael Hudson


The Moral Limits of Markets – Michael Sandel
Social Care Markets – collection of resources - CHPI
At what cost? Paying the price for the market in the English NHS – Calum Paton
Lessons from the market in social care – CHPI
The Marketisation of the NHS is a bad deal – Calum Paton
Autoasphyxiation: who’ll stop the market asphyxiating the NHS ? - David Zigmond
What the NHS can learn from the introduction of markets in social care


Just Money – essays from Open  Democracy

Patients, not profits

Blair ally ‘profiting from staff crisis in NHS’ – Daily Mail

Personal Healthcare Budgets

Personal healthcare budgets: what can England learn from the Netherlands? - http://www.bmj.com/content/344/bmj.e1383

Policies can be bad for you

Did welfare reform kill some participants? – Incidental Economist
Thatcherism’s Lethal Legacy – The Conversation

Public Service

Time for a real ‘civil society’ – not just contracted public services – John Tizard
The NHS – a stunningly cost-effective supplier of high quality healthcare – Richard Murphy

Social Care

Social Care Markets – collection of resources - CHPI

Wider Context

Finance’s hold on our everyday life must be broken – Costas Lapavitsas
Global capitalism and 21st century fascism: the sacking of public budgets – W I Robinson
Neo-classical Economics has led us into a cul-de-sac. Now we must find a way out – Ian Fraser
Neoliberal penalty: The birth of natural order, the illusion of free markets – Bernard Harcourt
13 Functional deficits Part 1 (about the US but easily applicable to UK)- Paul Rosenberg
13 Functional deficits Part 2
13 Functional deficits Part 3
13 Functional deficits Part 4


The Broken Paramedic
A Better NHS
Open Democracy - Our NHS


Centre for Health and Public Interest


NHS SOS: How the NHS was betrayed and how we can save it

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