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Vote for the NHS, Vote Veronika Wagner: Portsmouth City Council Elections

Veronika Wagner is the National Health Action Party's candidate in the upcoming Portsmouth City Council elections. Veronika is running in the ward of Cosham. A ward currently held by the Conservatives.

Portsmouth like many other cities across the UK has borne the brunt of austerity with many services having been shut down as a result of cuts.  Veronika has over 19 years’ worth of experience working in the NHS and is determined to give the NHS a voice on the City Council. She carries none of the baggage that the other parties do, and she is opposed to the damaging Brexit that both Labour and the Tories currently support. Consequently, with our pro-NHS, anti-austerity and anti-Brexit message we have a real chance of success on the ground.

However, we wont be able to get Veronika elected without your help. We need people power and that means volunteers. If we want people to know what the National Health Action Party stands for and what a difference Veronika could make to the people of Cosham and Portsmouth as a whole then it is vital we start knocking on doors and spreading the message! We need to know whose vote we can count on and whose minds we have to change. But that can only be done with your support!

Polling day is on the 2nd of May, so time is of the essence. If you live in the local area or you're able to travel and take some time out to canvass with Veronika we want to hear from you! Contact us at press@nhaparty.org


Dr Alex Ashman
Leader, National Health Action Party

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