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Voters at odds over NHS with Cameron and Hunt in their own constituencies

A dynamite new poll shows that most voters in David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt's constituencies are totally at odds with the Prime Minister and Health Secetary over the NHS. The results show that voters' views are more in tune with those of the National Health Action Party which is fielding general election candidates in both constituencies.
The poll by Survation shows that the overwhelming majority of voters in Witney and South West Surrey want the NHS exempted from the EU-US trade treaty, or TTIP, currently being negotiated in Brussels. Yet the Prime Minister has refused to keep the NHS out of the deal, even though he can.
The poll reveals that most also want Mr Cameron to actively seek to exclude the NHS from TTIP. Just 13% of voters in Witney and 16% in South West Surrey are in favour of including the NHS in TTIP.  Yet this is official Tory Party policy.
If Mr Cameron were unable to achieve a guaranteed opt-out for the NHS, only around a fifth  of all residents of Witney and South West Surrey would want the deal to go ahead. Most of the the rest think the PM should veto the entire agreement unless there is a guaranteed NHS exemption.
The poll also reveals that local NHS and GP services are by far the most important local issue in Witney and South West Surrey.  In Witney, they are almost three times as important as immigration. And in South West Surrey, they are important a local issue as crime, immigration, employment and education put together. 
The National Health Action Party have long been campaigning for the NHS to be exempted from the TTIP deal and now believe the entire deal needs to be opposed. The Party's co-leader and general election candidate for Witney Dr Clive Peedell said he welcomed today's poll:
“It’s encouraging that such an overwhelming majority of voters in this constituency are calling for the NHS to be saved from this damaging and secretive deal and that they are putting health at the very top of their election agenda. If the NHS were to be included in this deal between the EU and the US,  it would allow US corporations easier access to our NHS as well as other public services, and would mean NHS privatisation being locked in. We know most voters are totally opposed to NHS privatisation.  The NHA Party is standing up against both NHS privatisation and this trade deal, which poses a direct threat to British sovereignty. It’s important that the people of Witney and South West Surrey understand that a vote for David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt will mean accelerating privatisation and a serious threat to the future of the  NHS as we know it.”


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